Tom Kenyon is a sound shaman healer who channels a group known as the Hathors. For those who are sensitive to frequencies of energy in the audio range, you might find Tom’s work very powerful. He offers healing meditations, sound tracks and informative articles.

Developed by Michael Krajovic, this website presents spiritual concepts as applied to healing our physical world. It features a few video presentations that describe models of how individual and collective beliefs lead to behaviors and ultimately to the current state of the world. There are also in depth articles on the root causes of problems created by using current social operating systems that were created at a time of lower human consciousness. He also shares his vision to address different social challenges that the world struggles with today.

What the Bleep Do We Know

DVD and book by William Arntz, Betsy Chase and Mark Vicente – This is a great DVD to introduce people to metaphysics and quantum concepts and how they impact their lives in an entertaining way. The movie was a breakthrough, providing great animations to demonstrate how thoughts and emotions impact our biology and reality.