Sourceful Living

is about dissolving the obstacles to Self-Love to allow us to embrace the abundance of life in the most fun…

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Imagine Your Life

so wonderful that you awake each morning with the excitement of creating the most joyful experiences you ever dreamed of.…

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The Power of Self-Love

Yes it all begins with loving yourself. You cannot enter into your joy or the “real” abundance of your life…

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Our Programs

Learning to love yourself is key to your happiness

Pure Joy

The Miraculous Power of Self-Love


Heaven On Earth

Sourceful Living


sourceful living

Clear, Clean and Renewable

Energy Hygiene and Management


Energetic Hygiene

Finally Free

Releasing Judgment Once and For All


Good Vibrations

The Healing Bio-Chemistry of Love


Inspiring Mastery

The Ascension Breath


ascension breath

Spiritually Speaking

Healing The Past Is Forgiving Yourself

If you can look upon your entire past and feel uplifted, you are probably living a wonderful life.   But for most of us, looking upon our past invokes both happy and sad feelings. It seems that human nature has us programmed to focus more on those things that bother us from our past than those Read More

Please Don’t Buy Into All of the Fear

Have you noticed how many more people are becoming anxious and afraid?  After the Orlando shooting and a general rise in violence and fanaticism, millions of people are rushing to buy guns to protect themselves.  Combined with wild swings in financial markets, increased global uncertainty and a continuous string of natural disasters, it is easier Read More

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